As your health practice grows, you might find your resources feeling stretched. The amount of time, money, and labor you have at your disposal can begin to feel limited and overworked. Despite these growing pains, you still need to find a way to provide consistent, reliable customer service to your patients. Now is the time to strategize solutions that will keep you and your patients happy. Consider outsourcing some of your communication-based needs. By streamlining your communications efforts, you can maximize contact with your patients while freeing up time for your staff.

Here are a few simple ideas for saving time and limiting administrative communications costs.

Outsource Your Answering

Patients need to be able to reach you when it is convenient for them. If you wait too long to answer patient calls, or they are frequently sent to voicemail, your patients are likely to feel frustrated. By using a medical answering service, you can ensure that your calls are tended to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This can significantly improve your patients’ experiences, as they no longer need to deal with callbacks, lengthy hold times, or annoying computerized phone trees. Instead, your patients can speak to real people, and feel supported.

Set Up Appointment Reminders

As your practice is growing, you are bound to have more appointments. Manually calling each patient for an appointment reminder is an inefficient use of time. A more effective approach is to use automated appointed reminders. This service does not require any attention from you or your staff, enabling you to focus on other more urgent matters. Best of all, your patients will always be reminded of upcoming appointments, reducing missed meetings and wasted time. Appointment reminders can be sent by telephone, email, or text.

Use Message Broadcasting to Communicate Updates

As your practice expands, you may need to make some changes. You might change your location, office hours, or practice procedures. You may even have an emergency closure due to weather or illness. You need an effective way to notify your patients of important upcoming changes as they are happening. With message broadcasting, you can send out this crucial information to all (or some) of your patients with ease via email, phone, or text.

By outsourcing patient communications, you can create effective and streamlined communication channels. This frees up time and energy for you and your staff to focus on maintaining and growing your flourishing practice. By providing around the clock communication coverage, you can boost your patient satisfaction and keep them coming back. By using automated appointment reminders and message broadcasting for important updates, you can always keep your patients in the loop. In today’s consumer-driven economy, patients have an expectation for excellent, seamless communication. Make it easy on them while effectively consolidating your administrative costs. Another important bonus is that using communication services–like telephone answering, automated appointment reminders, and message broadcasting–provides your practice with an air of professionalism and class. Consider taking your practice to the next level with these reliable services.

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