Experience Excellence in Answering Services

When it comes to reliable, efficient, and professional answering services, our commitment to excellence is unparalleled. Since 1976 to our innovation today, we’ve consistently aimed for the best without breaking your budget. Our Affordable Answering Service is designed to provide the best without any compromises.

Core Features

Local US Agents

Feel the difference with agents based in the US, ensuring cultural alignment and clear communication.

Bilingual Excellence

Our native Spanish-speaking agents ensure that you reach a wider demographic without any language barriers.

Fully Customizable Service

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Our services are tailored to fit your unique needs.

Industry 1st Software

Our proprietary PeoplePraise software ensures high quality service through active agent monitoring and improvement of performance.

Always Available

Our 24/7 availability ensures that your business is always catered to, no matter the time of day.

HIPAA & Mercy Care

Trained in compliance with HIPAA and Mercy Care standards, ensuring that sensitive information is always handled with the utmost care.

ATSI Award of Excellence

Our quality isn’t just spoken of; it’s recognized. Being an ATSI Award of Excellence winner stands testament to our commitment.

Other Specialized Services

We pride ourselves on offering specialized services that cater to specific needs. Our expertise spans a range of medical sectors.

Medical Answering Service

Comprehensive support tailored for medical institutions.


Dedicated services for individual practitioners and their clinics.

Hospital Based Physicians

Customized solutions for physicians associated with hospitals.

Health Plans

Insurance Carriers: Efficient answering services catering to health insurance queries and processes.

Community Health Centers

Ensuring community health initiatives are supported with top-notch communication services.

Hospital Answering Services

Streamlined and efficient communication solutions for hospitals.


Compassionate and understanding support for hospices.

Home Health

Dedicated services ensuring home health businesses run smoothly.

Cost-Efficient Outsourcing with Cosmomed

Cutting costs doesn’t mean cutting corners. By partnering with Cosmomed, businesses can significantly reduce their operational expenses related to in-house receptionists, training, and infrastructure.

Our scalable services mean you only pay for what you use, eliminating the fixed costs of full-time salaries, benefits, and overhead.

Plus, our state-of-the-art technology ensures you get premium service without the premium price tag. Make the smart move; switch to Cosmomed and watch your savings grow.

Medical Transportation Answering Service

Cosmomed’s Medical Transportation Answering Service ensures that every crucial transportation request is promptly addressed, ensuring patient safety and timely medical care. Leveraging years of industry experience, Cosmomed bridges the gap between medical facilities, patients, and transportation providers, delivering a seamless communication experience.

With our specialized service, healthcare institutions can rest assured that transportation logistics are handled with precision and professionalism, reducing delays and enhancing patient satisfaction.

The Trusted Choice For Doctors

Discover why we’ve been the trusted choice for medical practices since the 1980s. Experience the difference of a service that understands your needs and continually innovates to serve you better. Choose excellence. Choose Cosmomed.