Medical Answering Service

As a doctor or any one in medical practice, it often makes sense to outsource your calls to a HIPAA compliant medical answering service. This can improve your patient experience and lower costs associated with hiring staff to man the phones. Many cookie cutter services seem appealing at first but a wise choice would be to hire a call answering service, especially one that can tailor their offering to your needs. Established in 1976 as an answering service for physicians, we’re the clear choice for a high quality custom answering service.

The Ultimate Answering Service for Physicians

Medical Process Outsourcing Cuts Costs

Outsourcing your medical practices operations can cut costs while simultaneously improving your patient experience. Free up your staff and reduce time spent on phone calls.

Look no further for a wide range of medical answering service solutions to fit any practice.

Catering to Doctors, other Medical Professionals & Practices

We understand the sensitive nature of the calls you receive, which is why our staff undergoes lengthy and advanced training that surpasses that of an average call center. Therefore, our ability to deal with a wide variety of medical practices’ varied and specific protocols will create a seamless transition for your patients. The plethora of customizable options allow us to serve any medical practice, regardless of the complexity of the operation. Many of our staff have been with the company for many years, which creates a high level of experience. This translates into the ability to consistently deal with any emergency situation or routine matters with finesse and  a friendly, professional attitude.

Always available 24/7 Medical Office Answering Service

Our highly trained staff works ’round the clock for a fraction of what it would cost you to train and staff a team of your own. We act as the extension to your office to provide the immediate care and attention your patients expect and deserve.

Never Miss an Appointment Leverage our automated reminder system, integrating seamlessly to notify patients about upcoming appointments through calls, texts, or emails.

HIPAA Compliance: A Priority We’re more than just an answering service for doctors; we prioritize HIPAA compliance. Regular training ensures our team is always updated.

Revolutionize Your Practice in 30 Seconds

Step into a new era for your medical practice. This 30-second journey is not just a glimpse into innovation; it’s a step towards revolutionizing the way you connect with your patients.

Your Answering Service for Multiple Specializations

With an intelligently crafted, secure and customized system, your practice can hand off their concerns and rest easy. Our mission is to ensure that your patients’ needs will be answered in the manner you dictate. Additionally, our multilingual representatives are highly trained professionals with a focus on delivering the highest level of service your patients have come to expect. Fill out the form below and one of our representatives will reach out to you with more information or call us at the number below.

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