Virtual Receptionist

Every medical office wants to provide their patients with superior care and attention. However, many may not have the resources or manpower to handle the incoming call volume. By delegating your phone responsibilities to Cosmopolitan, you will create a cost effective solution that will enable you to provide your patients with the high level of customer service they deserve. We offer high quality virtual receptionist services.

We can act as your live reception and take all of your calls (virtual reception), handle patient encounters and appropriately transfer callers to the correct staff member. Whatever you need us to do- our team can handle it.

Don’t keep your patients waiting any longer; ensure they receive prompt attention and efficient service whenever they call in.


It is no secret that unanswered calls are bad for business and tarnishes your reputation. When it comes to providing prompt and professional service, we will be the voice of your company. All calls will be answered in the manner you desire, by professionally trained staff, 24 hours a day. Our receptionist services is only one of a broad spectrum of answering services we offer. Request more information by filling out the form, or call us at the number below.

Call: 1-800-900-0101