While most medical answering services in the field that offer medical business process outsourcing are only comfortable with the typical offerings of medical transcription, telemarketing and, more recently, lead generation, Cosmopolitan Medical is up for the challenge of taking on far more healthcare business processes. We are prepared to partner with the healthcare industry since we have all the appropriate licensing, certifications and HIPAA compliance that are required for anyone to work within this industry.

With recent announcements by President Obama on the healthcare reform, many opportunities in the medical business process outsourcing (BPO) industry arose, creating quite the buzz between both the leaders and even smaller companies in the medical answering service trade. However, most of these companies were not aware of the requirements it would take in order to take on many of these projects. There are tough eligibility requirements, data security laws to comply with, and medical records that are so important to protect that the healthcare industry is apprehensive about letting outsourcing companies take control of said records and data. All this makes it extremely difficult to keep up in the medical answering service field…for some.

Taking on these medical processes requires special training and knowledge and not just any call center business process outsourcing (BPO) agent is up to the challenge. Cosmopolitan Medical HAS invested the time to research what it takes to handle these projects. We have invested in training our team members to be compliant with HIPAA as well as having the knowledge needed in the medical field.

Cosmopolitan Medical has invested in acquiring the appropriate licenses and certifications needed to remain an industry leader in medical business process outsourcing. This all means that Cosmopolitan Medical is fully invested to be your partner in your business processes. Our commitment is to our clients and we are glad to be of service to you, call 1-800-900-0101 or contact us right now!

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