Best Aspects of Medical Contact Centers

In order to make sure patients are receiving the best care and are able to get in contact with the necessary parties, their medical call center needs to be efficient and organized. Medical facilities utilize call centers because they handle the large amount of incoming calls in a manner that properly aids patients and doesn’t overwhelm the physicians or nurses. A well-structured system benefits all parties and allows them to move forward successfully. There are quite a few ways to best manage a medical contact center, but the most important aspects are those that revolve around: Speedy communication: Patients appreciate it when their calls are answered in a rapid fashion, they aren’t put on hold for very long and the representative on the line is helpful and useful. The Care Transitions Journal says it’s best to be on the line with a patient in no more than three rings, and it’s important to transfer them to a registered nurse as soon as possible. Accessible information: Organize information systems and access in a manner that functions best for representatives, allowing them to quickly attend to callers’ needs. Don’t let the call abandonment rates spike just because reps aren’t able to get the information fast enough. Customer satisfaction: Each patient or caller will have a different situation and it’s important that the medical call center is able to handle whatever comes their way. Make sure that callers are satisfied with their service and have had their problems solved accurately. Measuring the metrics of these three key parts is not always easy, but it’s important to know how the success of the center is coming or not coming along. There may be areas of improvement within these three sectors that could exponentially help customers as well as make the call-back time a lot faster. This article is featured in our CosmoMed March 2013 Newsletter. Are you using Cosmopolitan Secure Messaging?  Our HIPAA compliant messaging application provides doctors the security needed to communicate with each other, their staffs, provider organizations and patients. Communications are transmitted through a secure SSL app. We can send messages to any smart device, including tablets and iPads in your office.  Contact us to learn more!
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