No Insurance, No Problem. Let Cosmo’s Physician Referral Services Assist You!

Many people are navigating the tricky waters of seeking health care without insurance. For example, individuals without insurance do have the benefit of choosing doctors, facilities and services that many with insurance are not able to choose for themselves based on policy limitations. However, they will need to find providers who accept “cash” patients, or those who pay out of pocket rather than tap into an insurance benefit to cover services. If they don’t have insurance, many times, they will need to begin the arduous process of calling around or getting recommendations from friends and family to find doctors who are both reputable and accept self-pay patients. Once they’ve found the right provider, they will need to determine if he or she is accepting new patients and if he or she offers discounts or payment plans for self-pay patients. It is best to take these steps before showing up to an appointment and surprising their doctor with their needs, leaving the appointment and potentially owing an amount they weren’t prepared to pay. With a physician referral service like Cosmopolitan Medical Communications Physician Referral Program, these patients are able to connect with healthcare providers who can meet their needs based on a number of factors including insurance, self-pay, geography, specialty and if the patient is looking for a physician contracted with a particular healthcare facility, hospital or institution. The Cosmopolitan Medical Communications Physician Referral Program saves physicians time and gives you the peace of mind that your patients have found the perfect physician for all their needs. For assistance in connecting yourself as a physician or if you are a healthcare facility who is currently accepting new self-pay patients, please call us at 1-800-900-0101.
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