What Are Virtual Reception Services?

Virtual reception services allow medical offices and other healthcare organizations to redirect patient calls to a remote receptionist or an answering service. The healthcare industry is aware now that it is important to provide a personal touch when dealing with patients and thus, not allowing calls to be handled by an electronic system. This also means not allowing the phone to ring consecutive times or keeping the patient on hold for minutes on end. Utilizing virtual reception services, like we offer at Cosmopolitan Medical, will ensure that phone calls are answered within three rings and hold times will be mere seconds as opposed to minutes on end. In addition, Team Members at Cosmopolitan Medical will answer the call with greetings customized for your specific needs and can also take messages and forward calls to the appropriate person within your practice. Using virtual reception services can also reduce the cost of hiring and training additional staff, while still maintaining the personal, quality customer service experience of speaking with a live person. Our virtual reception services will not only provide your patients the best first impression of your practice, but will also save you time and money. What’s more, hiring an answering service to handle overflow calls during the day will free up your on-staff receptionist to effectively assist patients in the office and deliver the best patient experience possible, without the anxiety and worry of a ringing phone in the background. If your office is interested in virtual reception services or for more information, visit our website!
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