Preparing for the Worst

If you think you are in a disaster-free area, you are wrong. Disasters come in all shapes and sizes and can happen at any time, so it’s your job to prepare yourself and your staff for the unthinkable. Whether the disaster is a hurricane, tornado or even an illness, how are you planning to pick yourself up? When the offices are flooding, the roof is on fire, or a patient has collapsed in your waiting room, keep calm and carry on! We’ve discussed in previous blogs, like “Ready or Not…It can Happen to Anyone!” and “Disaster Recovery Checklist”, the importance of creating a disaster recovery plan. However, we haven’t covered a crisis involving patients. They either make appointments for routine checkups or due to an illness that requires immediate attention. What happens if the patient is far more ill than anticipated and faints in the waiting room? How quickly will your team respond? It’s extremely vital to have a plan in place for times like these.  It’s a good idea to get emergency contact information for your patients in case of a scenario like this, and if one does occur, make sure you keep the phone nearby for a call to the ER if necessary. If the patient appears to be alright, still ensure that the patient has a safe ride home. What’s your protocol for situations like this? Cosmopolitan Can Help While your staff is focusing on emergency situations, Cosmopolitan can take care of everything else! Our medical call center team is available to help keep your office running smoothly with our medical answering service, virtual reception, appointment scheduling, and appointment reminders (live or automated). Our services are customizable and available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Give us a call today to get started on creating your customized plan!
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