Prepare Your Practice For the Flood of Summer Illnesses

As a medical practice, it’s a well-known fact that with summer comes seasonal illness and ailments, as well as children needing physicals and exams for summer programs and school. Some of the most common illnesses and ailments include strep throat, swimmer’s ear, viruses with high fevers, eczema and bumps/bruises. In Arizona where we are located, heat related illnesses are also common. To help avoid heat related illnesses, check out our blog post on how to stay hydrated! Even with the anticipation of increased foot traffic and appointments, every medical practice can feel overwhelmed and additional stress during the summer season, so it’s important to be proactive and prepare your office! Utilizing our automated appointment reminder service, “CosmoMinder”, will help significantly reduce your no-show rates, thus saving you valuable time and expenses. This system reminds your patients of their appointment time and date, clinic location, physician, and any other information which you would like to pass on to your patients. It also is capable of leaving messages on voicemail, accepting appointment confirmations, and will take demanding tasks off your employees’ plates so they can focus on customer service and serving the patients already in the office. The system will even transfer patients to a scheduling desk or clinic, ask patients questions, and store their responses for your retrieval. Another way to prepare your practice for an increase in appointments and traffic due to summer illnesses is with our lab results service. Patients may be called automatically, or call in anytime of the day or night, to hear the results of their lab tests.  As always, Cosmopolitan is fully HIPAA compliant and to ensure confidentiality, the system prompts patients for a PIN number or password. With this convenient automated lab reporting system, nurses, doctors, and other staff members have more time to deal one-on-one with patients, and patients themselves do not have to wait for a phone call back. With every new season comes new ways your practice can fully prepare for increased traffic, appointments and illnesses. Contact us today if you are interested in setting up one of the above mentioned services, or are interested in other ways Cosmopolitan can assist your practice!
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