Stay Hydrated This Summer!

Staying hydrated is always important, but it becomes especially important as time spent outdoors increases and temperatures begin to soar.  At Cosmopolitan, we encourage Team Members to get outdoors and engage in physical exercise by participating in events such as the Mountain Park Health Center 5K, and with our Team Member founded Hike-A-Month Club.  However, we know that it’s also important to provide our Team Members with solid information on how to maintain good health while pushing your body harder than normal and a large part of that is staying hydrated!  Prevention Magazine provides some great information (and debunks some popular myths) on how to stay hydrated this summer:
  • Forget drinking eight glasses of water per day.  This much water may be excessive for inactive people and far too little for those who exercise or work outdoors.  Hydration needs can change daily and are highly individualized.  A good way to gauge your hydration levels is to monitor the color of your urine.  The darker your urine, the more likely you are dehydrated.
  • When temperature and humidity are both above 70, you enter the dehydration danger zone.  Sip frequently from a water bottle, and drink before, during, and after vigorous activity.
  • Stay away from energy drinks!  They contain large amounts of sugar and stimulants that can be counterproductive and dangerous.  Any type of caffeinated or alcoholic beverage will actually dehydrate you more than hydrate you, so avoid them when temperatures are warm.
According to, staying hydrated has several health benefits, such as improved body temperature regulation, improved weight maintenance, increased body lubrication and physical efficiency, and better overall health!  Start the summer off right by monitoring your hydration levels, especially when spending time in the sun!
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