Put down the pen and paper, it’s time to upgrade your medical office to the digital world.  As you may have heard, the federal government has issued new regulations that are requiring doctors and hospitals to make the switch to digital records by 2015 or pay a hefty financial fee (source:  AZCentral.com).  There are federal incentives to help practices and hospitals change over to software programs, but this does not mean the transfer will be smooth. The task of converting years of paper records to digital ones is time consuming and daunting. There are also HIPPA compliancy regulations to contend with.

There are so many benefits to going digital! You will save time not having to sort through piles of paperwork and endless filing cabinets. Save on space in your office as well as the cost for any off-site storage. A digital offices isn’t limited to patient records. Utilizing a medical software program allows patients to receive prescriptions quicker when you electronically send their prescription to the pharmacy of their choice.  Banner hospitals has even reported that the use of digital records is also helping to reduce death by sepsis in their facilities by putting alerts in patients records to have doctors and nurses checks for signs of the disease.

So how can Cosmopolitan Medical Communications help?

Our high-tech facility is equipped to handle and enter any and all medical data directly into the software your practice or hospital decide to use for your digital records. Let us help you make the transfer over to digital during our graveyard shift, allowing you to continue running your practice smoothly during the day. All of Cosmopolitan Medical Communication’s team members are HIPAA compliant and certified, so there is no fear of any regulations being broken.

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