Turn No-Shows into Show-Ups and Increase Your Revenue!

It is no question that no-shows affect your bottom line; missed appointments cost you money. However, it also can affect the care of your other patients. Empty appointment slots can be filled up with other patients who were in need of care sooner rather than later. Most medical offices will offset the cost of missed appointments by assessing a no-show fee to the patient, but then you are wasting time in the billing department. Your best bet would be to head off missed appointments before they happen. Using Cosmopolitan Medical Communications as your automated appointment reminder service allows for patients to cancel or confirm their appointment or even speak with a live person. Results from automated appointment reminder calls are immediate and sent to your staff so that they have the opportunity to reschedule appointments as needed. This is a low-cost solution for most medical practices, all without sacrificing customer care. Our automated service follows your personalized script when calling your patients, has the ability to leave voicemails for patients who are not home and can handle databases for multiple offices. This service is fully HIPAA-compliant, so you can be worry free that your patient’s information is secure and your staff is free to complete other duties. Cosmopolitan Medical understands that running a medical office can be difficult; however it shouldn’t mean that you harm that doctor to patient relationship that is so important. Call us today for our patient appointment reminder services that can decrease no-shows and increase your revenue, all while improving customer service overall.
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