Roles of the Front Desk – How Cosmopolitan Assists

Imagine yourself in the front desk of your doctors’ office. The phone lines are ringing off the hook, you have piles of paperwork needing to be filled out and filed, and there is a long list of appointment reminders needing to be made. You need to schedule and reschedule appointments over the phone, and you have a line of patients ready to check-out. Calm down and think for a second. What do you do? Cosmo can help! We are a HIPAA compliant business and train our team for weeks before they begin taking calls. We provide training in 63 different skill sets ranging in complexity to ensure our team and account managers are fully prepared to handle all accounts. With our devoted team and excellent customer service, your patients will always feel taken care of and comfortable. Cosmopolitan is here as your business partner, offering everything you need to keep things under control. From medical answering service, on-call schedule management for physician practices, health plans and hospitals, virtual reception, appointment scheduling, and appointment reminders (live or automated), we’re here for you during or after office hours. Call us today!
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