Minimizing Costly No-Show and Late Appointments

Don’t you hate it when friends or colleagues cancel an important meeting or lunch? It’s even worse when they don’t even show up because it signals a disregard for our time. This scenario plays out regularly in the medical industry in the form of no shows. We want to help you minimize the chaos and revenue loss from late patients and those who forget their appointments. Below you will find some info on our appointment reminder service. It is entirely automated, meaning no additional work for you, and patients are much more likely to show up on time. Minimize the loss of productivity and cash flow from late appointments and no-shows! Step 1 – It takes seconds to upload your patient file using our secure, 100% HIPAA compliant website. Step 2 – Following your personalized script, CosmoMinder contacts your patient list. This is not just a simple appointment reminder – in addition to cancel or confirm, with the press of a button CosmoMinder gives your patients the option to speak immediately to a live person. Step 3 – View your results. Immediately after calling your patients, CosmoMinder emails you with the results; detailing the outcome of each call. Here at Cosmopolitan, we don’t want you worrying about the little things that could potentially have a big impact. We help by extending our 24-hour services to you. We offer appointment scheduling, automated appointment reminders, and with our friendly and efficient customer service, your patients will always feel prepared, appreciated and comfortable. Have questions? Contact us today! 1-800-900-0101  
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