Medical Call Centers and Changing HealthCare for the Better

The news is full of debates about the financial crisis in the United States. Government shutdowns have been threatened, programs are at risk for being cut, and one of the biggest issues, healthcare, cannot be decided on. Decisions being made are affecting people – not only the average individual, regardless of whether or not they carry insurance – but also medical providers. Physicians, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals are surely feeling the pinch with Medicaid in jeopardy and FSA’s (Flexible Spending Accounts) having new limitations and other potential heath care cuts. With less insurance money coming in, medical practices are looking to cut costs. But will cutting costs also cut quality care? Typically when costs need to be cut, staff members are the first to feel it. If they are not let go, then they are feeling the pressure of taking on the additional work from those who have been let go. Phones ring in to machines, patients feel hurried through a phone call when it is answered, and patients in the office can often feel the stress of the environment around them. Unneeded stress is the United States’ number one health problem; shouldn’t you be trying to eliminate stress from your office? Utilizing a medical call center to outsource some, or even all, of your phone needs is not only cost-effective, but also can assist in smoothing out your day-to-day operations, creating a stress-free environment for your staff and patients. Depending on your needs, a call center can offer services for handling over-flow calls, after-hour services, or 24-hour phone answering services to support your call volume during, and after, office hours. Cosmopolitan Medical Communications offers all of these services, plus more! We can assist in data entry, automated appointment reminders, billing, post-discharge services; the list can go on. All for the fraction of the cost it would take to bring on staff members to fill these needs. You can be assured that using Cosmopolitan Medical as your medical call center provider that you and your patients will receive the highest quality of service, making for happy customers and repeat visits. We measure our success by the success of our clients, so call us today and let us show you how we can help you.
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