Newspapers and the Internet are full of articles boasting the latest and greatest in medical technology. People are receiving treatments and procedures that doctors 20 years ago never even dreamed of. This makes it even more important for medical call centers to maintain the same level of technology when handling their phone calls. The technology used in call centers change frequently and it is imperative to stay abreast of the current trends.

What is Cosmopolitan Medical Communications Doing About It?

We are currently in the midst of a complete overhaul of our systems and our call center in order to provide the very best service we can for medical practices and hospitals! Here are a few things that we are doing in-house that will make service for you even better.

  • Hardware Based Switch vs. Software Based Switch – Cosmopolitan Medical is changing our switchboard over to a Software Based Switch which will allow us accommodate more phone lines and accounts. Software switches are far more flexible than hardware switches and will not hinder our capabilities based on the limitations of hardware.
  • Our stations will no longer house computers; each team-member will now be using what is referred to as a Thin-Clients. This will allow for growth and expansion, all while maintaining security and effectiveness for each phone call answered. Watch for more on this!

Cosmopolitan Medical Communications is excited to take these innovative steps towards expansion, growth and modernization of our center. We believe in taking a proactive approach towards growing into the best call center we can be for our clients, our partners and our staff. The transition will be seamless and our clients will still receive a high level of service before and during the upgrade, without ever having a disruption of service, not even for a second!

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