How an Answering Service Can Help You

It’s no secret that medical offices often receive a voluminous amount of calls – more than even the most well-trained staff can handle. In order to efficiently handle important patient inquiries, most doctors turn to hiring extra staff – an expense that just adds to the already-costly overhead of an office. A great solution to this is to transfer your answering service needs to a cost-effective answering service company, such as Cosmopolitan Medical Communications. Our office staff is especially trained with your medical answering service needs in mind, and work in a secure, on-site location. You won’t have to worry about confidentially issues or patient records falling into the wrong hands. A Higher Return on Investment, Higher Patient Retention In addition to offering more value for your money than hiring (and training) additional staff, Cosmopolitan’s wide variety of answering services help your patients stay on top of important health information, from lab results to appointment times. Whether your patients are calling in with a medical emergency after hours, or they need to be reminded of their upcoming scheduled appointments, our services help to maximize your day while avoiding downtimes that lead to a loss of income. Helping You Keep Track of Your Day One of our most popular services to doctors is our ability to work hand-in-hand with you during your busy day; do you need to reschedule appointments, change your day around, or follow-up with patients? Your day seldom goes as planned – that’s why we offer assistance in letting others know when you have to reschedule or something has come up. A quick notification to our office allows us to take care of rescheduling needs for you. This keeps your patients informed, saves office staff time, and gives you the confidence that nothing has fallen by the wayside.
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