Support System

We have written a few blog posts about making and maintaining resolutions, and how without an active support system, it can be difficult to follow through to the finish line. What makes an active support system? There are two people who are crucial – you and your patient. The most important way your patient can stay healthy is to be involved as an active member of their own health care team! Patients who have good relationships with their doctors tend to be more satisfied with their care—and have better results. As the medical provider, it’s crucial to provide support to your patient as they’re about to embark on a long journey. Cosmopolitan has created a few ways to show your support: ●      Provide plenty of information ●      Create an open environment and allow for questions ●      Follow up with patients who need it Cosmopolitan Can Help! If you’re finding that your schedule is filling up with follow-up appointments or your phones are overflowing with patient concerns, let Cosmopolitan help! We offer you complete “after hours” medical office solutions, which allow for professional, accurate and timely communications. Cosmopolitan offers everything you need to keep your operation running smoothly. In addition to be a medical answering service, Cosmopolitan offers on-call schedule management for physician practices, health plans and hospitals, virtual reception, appointment scheduling, and appointment reminders. We’re here for you during or after office hours. Contact us today to start your custom quote!
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