What Are Thin Clients?

Cosmopolitan Medical Communications has mentioned in an earlier blog post that we’re going through a face lift, and we are very excited about all these changes! One of the largest overhauls and adjustments to our facility will be the fact that our team-members will no longer have computers at their stations; instead Cosmopolitan Team Members will be using what are known as “thin clients”. Thin Clients Defined Thin clients are computing devices that function as an access device on a network. They connect over a network to a server where the bulk of the processing takes place. They have no hard drive, allowing for more secure storage of data and applications on the serve (source: www.hp.com).  Remote access to charts is usually provided via application server software. Basically a thin client is a lite computer with no hard drive, fan or other moving parts, giving thin clients a longer lifespan. Why Make the Switch? Cosmopolitan Medical Communications has decided to make this switch because the ease of use of thin clients: they are very reliable, trivial to replace and inexpensive. Because thin clients have no moving parts, they use very little electrical power which makes them energy efficient. They have no local data storage, meaning it’s impossible to lose data by way of theft or equipment failure. Thin clients are highly secure with unlimited scalability and upgrade capabilities! Here at Cosmopolitan Medical we feel that switching over to thin clients will help us exceed our promise to you for high quality service, knowledgeable, sincere and talented service providers. Because we there isn’t any locally stored data, Cosmopolitan Medical Communications guarantees HIPAA compliancy. Thin Clients will provide us with better service which in turn, allows us to do the same for each and every one of our customers.
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