Disaster Recovery Checklist – A Must Have for Every Medical Practice

With everything that’s happening in the mid-west, we can’t stress to you enough how important it is for your business to have a Disaster Recovery plan. For example, the hospital in Joplin, MO being torn down is a heart wrenching story, and we can only hope they are taken care of with a substantial plan! Just in case you were overwhelmed with all the great information we provided about having a Disaster Recovery Plan, we’ll jog your memory with a quick recap of our previously written blog . A Quick Checklist Here are a few important steps in developing your plan:
  • Develop a plan – identify your risks, prioritize business functions, establish recovery locations for back-up systems, records and supplies.
  • Backup Site – Equip your backup operations site with critical equipment, data files and supplies (computers, phones, TV’s, cameras…)
  • Contact Information – Employees, key customers, vendors, business partners…
  • Communications – Having access to multiple and reliable methods of communicating with your employees and patients! Tips Courtesy of Continuity Central
How Can Cosmopolitan Medical Help? With proper preparation, Cosmopolitan Medical Communications can seamlessly take over your calls during a time of need, such as a disaster like flood damage or a tornado. We can also help set you up with backup servers that will store your information, data and records so that when your offices are back up and running, your files will be safe and sound. We guarantee HIPAA compliancy and the highest quality of service at all times.  Call us today and let us show you how we can help!  
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