Our Mission: Who We Are & Why We Do It

We’d like to take this time in our first blog post to welcome our visitors to our site and put a bit of information out there about who we are and why we do what we do. We are going to outline our passions and what drives us towards approaching each and every call with an unmatched level of integrity and professionalism. Our Mission Statement Our mission statement declares: “Cosmopolitan Medical Communications provides high-quality, 24-hour emergency contact service for physicians, and complete patient support services, for HMO’s throughout the Southwest. Strong commitment to and recognition of our people as our most important asset, combined with our embrace of the newest voice, internet and date technologies, ensure we not only meet, but exceed, our clients’ expectations.” Breaking Down the Mission Statement We strongly believe that a company’s mission statement is only as strong as its implementation. Every idea at Cosmopolitan is measured up against this statement, ensuring our focus and direction on the core values of our company. The opening sentence simply describes what we do day in and day out; provide outstanding 24-hour emergency contact for a variety of doctors and medical organizations. What sets us truly apart is what follows; emphasis is placed upon taking care of our team, both inside and outside of the office. Ensuring we stay on top of current technology and anticipating the needs of our clients using these tools helps to keep our services on an unparalleled cutting-edge. In the following posts this month we’ll examine how we arrived at this point and go deeper into what sets us apart. We are here to service our employees and community and redefine traditional expectations of the answering service industry.
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