Reduce Your Costs and Raise Patient Care with Automated Appointment Reminders

In these economic times, it seems that medical costs are cut left and right without a second thought to what it does to patient care. Cosmopolitan Medical Communications can help you cut costs without damaging the relationship and trust you have worked so hard to build with your patients. Our answer is simple, offer automated appointment reminders. How can this help you cut costs? We can tell you how in two, very important ways.

Reduce Patient No-Shows

Patients missing appointments costs your practice money and also hinders the care you could give your other patients. With our automated appointment reminders, the patient could easily reschedule his or her appointment, allowing for another patient to fill that appointment spot. Studies have shown that automated appointment reminders reduce no-shows by 50% or more, which will in turn positively affect your bottom line. Automated reminders also show your patients you care about them and value their time when they can easily choose another health care provider.

Save Time and Money

The money and time you save by using Cosmopolitan Medical’s automated appointment reminder services can be reappropriated in other areas of importance. Your medical and front office staff will have time to provide the care your patients need rather than spending time on the phone calling patients. You can save money by not having to staff for these phone calls. Using Cosmopolitan Medical for automated appointment reminders costs just pennies per patient.
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