Get Your Medical Practice Automated!

In our last blog topic, we discussed how utilizing Cosmopolitan Medical’s services can help reduce your costs. Today we will discuss the large range of automated medical services above and beyond appointment reminders that we offer. The sky is truly the limit in getting your medical practice automated and running proficiently. Not only can we help with patient care, but we can help with staff care too! Let us tell you how. • Preventative Healthcare – Allow Cosmopolitan Medical send out automated phone calls to your patients informing them of upcoming flu shot clinics or reminding them that their annual checkup needs to be scheduled. • Lab Results – Cosmopolitan Medical can help you set up an automated service that allows for your patients to easily call in to get their lab results 24/7 and in complete confidentiality. • Staff Notification – Make sure your medical staff is informed of any upcoming meetings or events or send out emergency notification. • Patient Surveys Send out cost effective patient surveys that will help you take better care of them. Our system is easy to use and has no limit on responses. If you are interested in our automated medical appointment service reminders please contact us 602-331-1333 or read more about automated medical answering services.
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