Last month I wrote a blog post about why you should choose Cosmopolitan Medical as your Phoenix Based answering service and one of my first bullet points was that we have no snow. Quite literally the very next day Phoenix actually had snow flurries throughout the so-called Valley of the Sun. It had us all laughing a bit, but it also had many people out there in Phoenix in a slight uproar. Imagine seeing the ocean for the first time.  That’s sort of what people in Phoenix do when they see snow, even if most of our Phoenicians are from the colder parts of the country. But I digress…

No, there wasn’t 3 feet of snow in Phoenix, so roads weren’t closed and there was no state of emergency, but we did have a freeze warning. And believe it or not, the ice had an effect for a lot of our clients that morning. Cosmopolitan Medical saw on influx of calls that morning of the “great freeze” since a lot of the medical offices we service were improperly staffed due to frozen-over cars. We Phoenicians don’t carry windshield de-icers in our cars on a normal basis, so our client’s staff had to wait patiently for their cars to defrost enough to drive safely into work. Luckily for our clients, Cosmopolitan Medical’s team is always there, 24-7, to handle over-flow calls until their offices were fully staffed.

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