Is Your Medical Practice Staff Friendly Enough?

Is Your Medical Practice Staff Friendly Enough?
Phone calls going unanswered, long wait times, unclear instructions on filling out paperwork, and a nasty attitude are things most of us have experienced at least once during a visit to the doctor’s office. Let’s admit it: These are things that we wish we have to experience.  Consider this: Research by NewVoiceMedia by Oracle indicates that excellent customer service can have a significant impact on your customers.

Following a bad experience:

  • 58% of consumers say they will not be working with the same company again.
  • 50% of consumers are willing to work with the same company more frequently after a positive customer service experience.
  • Furthermore, the 2011 Customer Experience Impact (CEI) report by Oracle revealed that a customer is more likely to commit to a brand after receiving friendly services.
  • 73% of consumers are better satisfied with friendly employees and customer service
  • 86% of consumers are willing to pay as much as 25% more for improved customer service.
While these stats reveal the significance of friendly customer service, most medical practices often overlook the importance to train their staff on the topic of customer service. With over half of the medical practices industry failing to offer their customers a friendly interaction, it is essential that you start paying attention to this area of your business. Now that we’ve established the need for friendliness at medical practices, here are a few ways you can make your medical office a safe and comfortable place for your patients:

Promote the Power of a Smile

Who knows what your patients might be going through in life, a smile can be a source of comfort to them. We recommend that you train your staff to appear friendlier, smile often, and make your patients feel like everyone at your office genuinely cares for them.

Always Acknowledge Patients

First interactions are difficult. Having said that, ignoring your patients for five minutes and making them feel like they don’t exist can only worsen their experience. We recommend that you always greet your patients with a friendly hello or a warm smile to make them feel less stressed and show that they are essential to you.

Establish a No-Gossip Rule

Some of your patients might be in distress and hearing your staff discuss their personal issues could be the last thing they need. We recommend that you train your staff to adopt a professional behavior during work hours and keep their personal discussions to a bare minimum.

Don’t Let the Phone Go Ringing

Imagine calling your doctor’s clinic, during a real emergency, and Jane, the doctor’s assistant, decides not to answer phone calls simply because she doesn’t feel like it. Not only would this be the right time to have a conversation with Jane, but also a good time to get in touch with a professional phone answering service to ensure that your patients never go unanswered. The healthcare industry is one industry that is scrutinized for unprofessional customer services. With new and emerging competition entering the industry each day, focusing on the overall experience of your patients and providing them with a friendly atmosphere can help you stand out of the crowd and leave a positive impression.
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