Defining Live Answer Protocol

For more than 35 years, Cosmopolitan Medical Communications has been exclusively serving the healthcare community with live answer calls. We know the protocols for every practice, physician and group are different. The expertise required to represent a broad base of practices and medical groups, including physicians, specialists, psychologists, counselors, dentists as well as large hospitals, care and hospice facilities and practice groups comes from a continual investment in advancing technologies, specialized training and quality team members. Getting started with a new client requires stringent protocols for defining the relationship and all interactions. We understand medical live answer services require more than a flip of the switch. Simply picking up calls without proper due diligence is a failed approach to serving the caller and the medical professional. It does not work. Initial setup for our clients includes detailed account planning sessions to identify each action Cosmopolitan will take for every type of contact, from HIPAA compliant SMS messaging with practitioners to appointment scheduling, and even handling emergency situations. Understanding our client’s needs and requirements includes learning operational management for handling contacts, identifying key medical terminology and outlining specific procedures for the types of patients or contacts. Our live answer protocol plays a critical role in how we deliver our services. We must be able to differentiate medical answering service needs for a diverse set of client requirements. Technology, call scripting and training all have an important role in the set up and management of client protocols. We continually invest in operational success through programs that reward tenure, provide continual training and reinforce quality assurance by measuring every component of a live answer engagement. Live medical answering services must be representative as an extension of the provider, whether we are handling overflow calls, after hour support, urgent care situations, setting appointments or operating as the front-line contact for all calls. Your live answer provider should be as diligent in setting the protocols for your contacts as you are about delivering the best care.
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