Bilingual Medical Call Center

What happens when you receive a frantic call from a first time mother requesting an emergency appointment for their young child? Did we mention she is speaking Spanish and it’s 2 a.m.? Language can certainly be an obstacle when scheduling medical services on the telephone, wasting time and possibly losing revenue through miscommunication. Save your staff the stress of trying to break down this barrier by using our professional bilingual medical call center! At Cosmopolitan Medical Communications, we provide your office and patients with 24-hour bilingual services. Cosmopolitan Medical bilingual Team Members are trained to provide Spanish-speaking patients with excellent customer service. Our bilingual Team can also answer many patient questions; however, we also know that there are questions that only a physician should answer. In this case, we will be sure to leave a detailed message for the doctor to follow up with the patient during office hours. If the on-call doctor doesn’t speak Spanish, AnswerNow will be able to provide bilingual interpretation between the patient and the Doctor. Your Spanish-speaking patients will feel cared for and they will have the confidence that their health is in the best care possible, no matter what time, day or night. Cosmopolitan will follow an on-call schedule provided by your practices so as not to disturb anyone who does not need to be bothered. We are here to answer your phone calls around the clock so that you don’t have to. It can be difficult for a company to employ enough staff members to ensure their Spanish-speaking clients are served, let alone provided with the same level of quality service that the company aims to deliver. Make sure and contact us today!
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