Three reasons why 24 hour call centers are a must for your practice in 2022

Taking phone calls can seem like a small and simple task, but anyone who has had to face the endless ringing of phones at a medical practice knows that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Making sure that you answer every phone call and deliver the information that every caller needs can be a daunting task, especially if you also have to attend to other responsibilities during your work day. Another downfall of taking phone calls at your medical practice is the fact that you may be missing phone calls that come in after you have closed for the day. This could turn potential patients away from your practice, and it could reduce your existing patients’ satisfaction levels if they can’t reach you.  The good news is that a very simple solution is available in the form of 24-hour remote call centers. These services allow you to set up a remote answering service that will answer your phone calls even after your office has closed. As a result, your phone lines will stay open 24/7, 365 days of the year. Keep reading to discover three reasons why 24-hour call centers are a must for your practice in 2022.

#1. Focus on your patients

If your phone is ringing all the time, it can be difficult for you and your staff to devote your full attention to your patients. However, a distracted or unfocused medical staff can severely affect patient experience and even increase your risk of making mistakes. This can be very risky both for yourself and for the rest of your staff. Additionally, it can be very overwhelming to try to deal with every small task that needs to be performed each day at a medical facility, especially if you’re running a small practice without a large staff. This can make your on-site staff short-tempered or even rude. And while this isn’t ideal, we also know just how difficult it can be for medical staff to remain friendly when they have so many responsibilities on their plate at all times. But thanks to a 24-hour call center, both you and your staff will be able to devote your entire attention to your patients each day. This will make it easier for you to take care of each patient properly while working in a more efficient manner at your practice.

#2. Offer a better service

It can be very difficult for patients to feel comfortable when they first call their healthcare provider. Calling the doctor can be a vulnerable and uncomfortable moment for many people, and patients will always appreciate it if they receive a better, more compassionate standard of care — starting from the moment you pick up their phone call. Hiring a 24-hour call center will make it possible for you to ensure that each and every phone call is picked up by a warm, kind, and knowledgeable operator. This will instantly elevate the quality of your patients’ experiences with your practice, which will in turn increase their satisfaction levels. A 24-hour answering service can improve your service in other ways, too. By keeping your phone lines open around the clock, operators will be able to schedule new appointments or take cancellations even if patients call after your office hours have ended. This increases the quality of your service, while also making your scheduling process more efficient and profitable. Virtual answering services can play other roles in your practice, too. You can customize your remote call center to add even more features, such as sending automated reminders to patients who need them. Thanks to this service, your patients will receive a text, email, or phone call to remind them of upcoming appointments, laboratory results, and scheduled procedures. 

#3. Be more inclusive at your practice

As we mentioned above, some patients may struggle with feelings of vulnerability when they have to contact their doctor. This is made even worse when patients speak a different language, which is a very common occurrence in many communities. If a patient who has gathered the courage to call your office finds that they can’t communicate with you or that no one picks up their call, they will probably feel discouraged and look somewhere else for medical attention.  Fortunately, many remote call centers will offer the possibility to work with bilingual operators so you can adjust to your community’s needs. This may seem like a small step, but it can mean a lot to your patients to know that you’re making adjustments to ensure that they’re well taken care of.
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